A horse sponsorship includes and helps us pay for:

*Hay- horses hay intake increases greatly during the cold months!

* Grain- several of our thearpy horses are middle aged or even senior horses that require extra calories. We feed Tribute Feeds. 

*Supplements- necessary vitamins and minerals, joint supplements and other various supplements that keep our therapy horses feeling and looking their best. 

*Farrier (hoof care)

*Veterinary Care

*Electricity (to run and heat the waterers)

*Insurance-even if we aren't teaching we still have to maintain our liability insurance all year

All this is $325 per horse, per month. We have 12 wonderful therapy horses

Can you help us support our horses through the winter months? Covid has put us in the position several times of shutting completely down because of possible exposure...causing complete loss of income. Covid also caused all but one of our fundraisers to be canceled this year to do our part to keep the community safe. Things are much tighter than we'd like heading into winter. It would be so very helpful to our program if we had help supporting our horses through these trying times! 

And what better gift to give someone than sponsoring a therapy horse in their name!

The Helping Hands Amazing Horses!


24 year old, American Paint Horse Mare


20 year old, Gaited Mare


26 year old, Gaited Gelding


Teenage, American Paint Horse Mare


Teenage, American Quarter Horse Gelding


Pre-teen, National Quarter Horse Gelding


22 year old, Halflinger/Welsh Mare


20 year old, Percheron/Thoroughbred Gelding


Pre-teen, Grade/Rescue Pony


Teenage, Grade/Rescue Mare


Teenage, American Paint Horse Gelding


Teenage, Donkey

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