Whisper was donated to the farm after her previous owner passes away. Whisper lives up to her name with her calm demeanor. She is a perfect horse for someone just learning to ride or more advanced, independent riders. She is a huge part of Helping Hands!

Paint Mare


Moonwalker was donated to HHHH in the summer of 2011 and was used as a trail horse most of his life. He is very unusually colored and marked, which makes him a favorite of many! Moonwalker is also a gaited horse doing what's called a running walk and flat foot walk instead of trotting. He is a very fun and energetic little horse always causing people to giggle and laugh when they ride him!

Spotted Saddle Horse


Before she started her amazing work as a therapy horse, Painters was competitively shown in many events and excelled in gymkana events. Painters is especially fond of pole bending and had the fastest time at the 2004 Wisconsin Rodeo Sate Finals. Although she still has her competitive edge, Painters completely understands her job as a therapy horse. She carries some of our youngest riders, always behaving in a gentle and calm way. Painters enjoys her job and has formed life long bonds with many young riders. 

Paint Mare


While she is small in size, Honey has a huge personality and it is impossible not to fall in love with her! Honey had not had much training prior to her HHHH donation but it didn't take long for her to fall into her role as a therapy horse. In addition to being an important member of HHHH, Honey was also shown in Western Pleasure, Horsemanship and Showmanship. Honey is a favorite for many and definitely wins the cuteness factor!

Haflinger/Welsh Cross Mare


Killian was originally trained to be a fox hunting horse and went on to be a hunter/jumper most of his life. He was donated to Helping Hands in the Spring of 2012. Killian could not be better suited for his job at HHHH and has quickly become a favorite of many riders and volunteers. He has a huge personality and is always making us laugh. We are so thankful for Killian, the timing of his donation couldn't have been more perfect!

Percheron/Thoroghbred Cross


We don't know a lot about Eeyore's life prior to coming to Black Star Farm. When he came to the farm he was covered in burrs, in desperate need of hoof care and had been fed dog food. Eeyore lacked confidence and didn't have much trust in humans for obvious reasons. With time and training Eeyore learned that these humans weren't so bad! He is calm and steady and most days represents the original Eeyore well with his "whatever" attitude. Riders enjoy Eeyore because of his unique color and great temperament. 

Spanish Barb Gelding


Shania has done it all and is a excellent teacher! She has ran speed, shown western, competed in trail, gone to state and is a proud mama of two horses who still live at the farm! Shania is calm, confident and patient with our smaller riders. She is one of the most colorful horses on the farm which instantly makes her a favorite. 

Paint Mare

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